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Maroof Raza

Maroof comes armed with more than 20 years of experience as a mentor, anchor, correspondent, lecturer, writer and a commentator on issues of National Security and Strategic Affairs. His in-depth knowledge, experience, and his association with leading TV channels including TIMES NOW, NDTV, BBC & more makes him one of the most sought after speakers internationally on the subjects of National and International Risk and Security Affairs.

Ideas on India: India’s Think Fest

Attached herewith is a document on my “Ideas on India” initiative which has traditionally drawn well known speakers and a house-full audience.

We have hosted three such events: one in Delhi (in the year of its inception 2014), second in Mumbai (in October 2015) which was followed by the third in Delhi (in December 2015). And I am confident that I can continue to attract such eminent speakers in future also, all through my personal connections.

You are welcome to forward this to those who may be interested in this or such similar initiatives and join us in supporting this unique initiative.

Security Watch India

Security Watch India (SWI) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that addresses issues in the space of the relatively new homeland security sector. SWI works towards a secure tomorrow by enhancing security awareness and consciousness in Indian industry and civil society. The rapid growth of the Indian economy is having an undesirable side effect in the form of social unrest caused by the urban-rural divide, accentuating internal security challenges. We at SWI believe that these challenges need to be addressed adequately.

Our mission is to assist in the transformation of the India homeland security apparatus to meet these challenges by bringing in new technologies, training methods and awareness, through the involvement of the international homeland security industry. SWI is one of the few international platforms which provide cutting-edge information for technology providers and investors about the emerging opportunities in the Indian homeland security market. A mix of youth and experience, the research team consists of experts from various fields like police, law enforcement, government, military, industry and young scholars.
CREATE security consciousness among all stakeholders.
PROMOTE business opportunities in the Indian homeland security sector.
GUIDE homeland security enterprises who are seeking a profitable future in India.
EDUCATE and train businesses in business resilience.
PROVIDE an unbiased platform for communication that cuts across hierarchy and dimensions of homeland security landscape in the world.

This is done through a series of conference, seminars and meetings held across the globe to create security consciousness among citizens, industry and the government. Creating the groundwork for improved homeland security, these conferences also serve as a vehicle to educate the stakeholders about state-of-the-art security methodologies, technologies and training programs. In addition to provide a cerebral platform to all the stakeholders, SWI also undertakes original research on key emerging business opportunities in the homeland security space in India. SWI seminars and initiatives have had participation from the highest level of government, industry and other stakeholders.

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