Book on Kashmir problem by eminent defence analyst presents real picture of Kashmir problem

The book on Kashmir the Untold Story declassified written by eminent writer Maroof Raza aptly showcases the reasons which have aggravated the Kashmir problem in the country.During the discussions on the book during the second day of Military Literature Festival, Resident Editor of Hindustan Times Mr Ramesh Vinayak, General (Retd) Jagatbir Singh and Mr Maroof Raza, a former officer of Indian Army and an eminent analyst, threw light on how the Kashmir became a major problem for the country after independence. These experts dwelled on the role of British in fanning the anti-India sentiment in Kashmir immediately after independence. It was informed that Kashmir was strategically very important as it has an influence of Persian, Russian and Chinese civilisation.It was pointed out that for the first time flag of Pakistan was hoisted in Kashmir on October 31 in 1947 that too under the leadership of a British officer, who got a coveted Pakistani award in later years for this contribution. Even it was revealed that the invasion in Kashmir by infiltrators after independence was also a handiwork of British Army officers who had asked the Officers of Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir to vacate the state for ensuring no resistanceafter independence as a part of this game plan. They said that unfortunately the political leadership of Kashmir played multiple games for their own vested interests thereby enhancing the magnitude of this problem.The experts said that the current turmoil in Kashmir was also result of Delhi’s failure as it gave Pakistan a chance for its intervention. They said that Kashmir got into situation where people got affiliated with pampered politicians of India for their vested gains. They also said that apart from Pakistan , the China also played a major role in further enhancing the Kashmir problem.They said that as a fact of matter Pakistan was a proxy of China in Kashmir matters as China eyed major gains from the fresh waters of Jammu and Kashmir by making Silicon chips to Satellites. They said that it was also on record that Pakistan was a proxy of China in Kashmir and Jihadis were proxy of Pakistan.On the occasion Brigadier (Retd) Pradeep Sharma acted as moderator.

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